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EkoStinger Logo

EkoStinger is the world's only active aerodynamic trailer system. Our patented system moves with your tandem, keeping the aerodynamics consistent through the full range of motion, saving fuel at all tandem placements & trailer loads. EkoStinger technologies create better results!

  • Consistent Fuel Savings
  • Increased Traffic Safety
  • Trailer Wear Protection
  • Moves with Tandem
  • Road Spray Reduction
  • Cools Braking System

Side Skirts and mid mount systems present issues when navigating steep loading docks, confined and crowded loading areas. The EkoStinger was specifically engineered to eliminate these issues because the system is designed to have the lowest component 30” in front of the rear wheels leaving the center section of the trailer open to it’s usual height.

What people are saying...

"The most common and popular comment is that the tire spray on wet roads is almost completely gone. Drivers are saying they can now see what is behind them in the rain. Again, keep in mind that we are mostly pulling 2-48’ trailers, so rearward visibility in rain is even more important. This is a huge safety concern for us and it appears that the Stingers have more than definitely aided with this problem."

"Almost all drivers have stated that when empty, they definitely notice a difference in handling in windy conditions. They say the trailers with the Stingers are definitely more stable in windy conditions. Again, pulling doubles in windy conditions can be very challenging. If the wind is causing the tail trailer to sway, the effect is compounded on the lead trailer, which is a safety concern and causes the driver to work much harder at keeping the units stable and going straight."

"Several drivers have stated that they feel as though the trailers pull easier with the Stingers on them. I am guessing being more aerodynamic can make it seem like they are pulling easier."

"Early, very early, fuel savings appear to be at a minimum of around 4% savings. This is still a hard calculation for us, as with the doubles and all the dropping and hooking, it is difficult to get a driver that has two Stinger trailers going out and two coming back. However, it does appear, that no matter if it is one trailer or two, there is definitely an increase in fuel economy when pulling a Stinger trailer at any point during the day."

Stephen Erwin, Transportation Manager-
Clinton’s Ditch Coop Co. Inc., Cicero, NY
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