“Very stable driving - no pulls left or right.  This equipment handles very easy versus the regular trailer. We are seeing improvement in MPG, 0.9 mpg better than a week before. We’ve been driving in heavy rain and can see a great reduction in mist and also have better visibility of our rear truck lights.”

Black Horse Carriers

-- Nikolai Shpak, Terminal Manager,  Black Horse Carriers, Inc. Hopkins, Minnesota

“I like it and it does what it is supposed to. It is also better looking than the other systems I have seen.”

Ekostinger on Trailer

-- Andy Swan, Warehouse Manager,  Lake Beverage Corp. West Henrietta, NY

Decarlos Logo

“Being one of the largest Truck/ Trailer Leasing companies in Upstate New York it is important we stay focused on new trends and technologies. When EkoStinger approached us on a new product that is the better alternative to trailer skirts I was immediately interested. I have always felt that trailer skirts did not have a great value beyond being CARB compliant. The advantages of EKO Stinger are clear and now proven as we have purchased 80 units for our lease customers. Every customer we have sold the units to have had fuel savings beyond what we stated along with the additional advantages that skirts do not offer. Thank you for making the better mousetrap!”

-- Mike Margarone, President,  DeCarolis Truck Rental, Inc. Rochester, NY

Whiting Door Logo

“Seems to cut through wind/gusts better and looks better than any of the many variations of side skirts. Truck handles better when trailer is empty or load is light.”

-- Mike Whiting, Executive Vice President,  Whiting Door Manufacturing Corp. Akron, NY

Macedon Collision Logo

"At first I was skeptical about the EkoStinger System. But since we installed the first system we are saving 6 – 7 gallons every time we drive 500 miles. For a small fleet like ours that is big savings.  Our drivers love the system because it knocks down the mist from wet roads.”

-- Jeff Beckenbach, Owner,  Macedon Collision, Inc. Macedon, NY