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Increase the Life of Your Trailer

EkoShield Cross Member Cover protects and extends your trailer life by creating a barrier, so there is no rust on the I-Beam, no mold and no water damage to the floors. The underside of the trailer looks new with no rust, damage or floor rot when EkoShield is on your trailer. The fuel savings and additional safety benefits of both the under trailer Arrow and the EkoShield Cross Member Cover make it the ultimate package. Our goal at EkoStinger has always been to get safer trailers on the road, save fuel while ensuring trailers last years longer. The EkoShield and The EkoStinger Arrow both come with a 2 year warranty including parts, labor and driver error.

Trailer Protected with EkoShield

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Trailer without EkoShield Protection

EkoShield Installed

At a customer’s required service, The EkoShield Cross Member Cover was removed for the first time since the product was installed; the undercarriage of the trailer was exposed and examined. What they found upon inspection was no rust on the I-Beam, no mold and no water damage to the floors. The trailer still looked like it was brand new. EkoStinger customers now have the option to purchase the complete system or it components separately, The EkoStinger Arrow or The EkoShield.