Frequently Asked Questions

  1. EkoStinger comes in several forms, Fixed, Sliding and Sliding with Bottom Cover. Each of these systems is designed to allow the owner to choose which best fits their fleet.
    1. The installation time of a fixed system is around 20 minutes. This is due to the fact that the system is located in one position and does not move and therefore the system mounts and stays in place.
    2. The installation time on the Sliding system is 40 minutes or less. This is due to the fact that this system moves on tracks and these tracks need to be mounted to the undercarriage of the trailer. In addition, the system is attached to the tandems so when the tandem moves, The EkoStinger Moves. This movement is what gives EkoStinger higher real world fuel savings than any other product on the market.
    3. The Sliding System and bottom cover take about 1.5 hours to install. This is due to the fact that the bottom cover is custom fit for every trailer. The Bottom cover has the tracks build in so once the bottom cover installation is complete the moving EkoStinger slides into place and is attached to the tandems. The bottom cover significantly extends the life of the trailer by keeping all moisture from making contact with the underside of the trailer
  1. EkoStingers mold has two different removable plates where a customers name can be added in to the mold. There is a one time cost to make the mold component with the customers name.
  2. Also, the EkoStinger has been designed to be wrapped.
Yes, EkoStinger has a distributor program.
  1. EkoStinger is easy to install and can definitely be installed by the fleets.
  2. EkoStinger offers Training to the fleets that want to install their own systems.
Yes, EkoStinger is manufactured with Polyethylene which has a easily maintains its pliability from -80 to + 180 F.
Depending on where the damage occurs EkoStinger can send parts to fix the system. This is normally a one tool repair.
The EkoStinger fixed unit weighs under 150 pounds. The Sliding System weighs in under 170 pounds and the Sliding system and Bottom cover weigh in around 200 pounds.
  1. EkoStinger works on all Dry Vans and reefer trailers.
  2. EkoStinger also works on Lift gate trailers. There is an up charge if the fleets move their tandems with a lift gate because the pump box and batter box are suspended inside the EkoStinger to keep them out of the environment and road debris, this extends the life of the lift gate.
To access the tandems and brakes you only need to remove two bolts and slide the system out of the way.
EkoStinger was designed for Rochester NY winters. Rochester NY uses more road salt than other town in the United States. So the system is extremely durable in adverse conditions.
EkoStinger actually reduces brake wear. This is due to the elimination of road grit coming into contact with the brakes in rainy or wet conditions. In the process of reducing road mist by 70% EkoStinger cleans the grit out of the air stream. Providing cool clean air to the brakes.