Frequently Asked Questions

Installation takes a team of three people an estimated 2.5-3 hours and installation is a straight forward process. EkoStinger has partnered with various companies throughout the US and Canada that can assist in installation for a fee.
Yes, each company can have their own marketing information and colors on the system. The EkoStinger can have vinyl graphic applied in the same fashion as trailer marketing. We use the same vinyl graphics as the vinyl material on the side of the trucks.
Yes, EkoStinger will train your staff; provide support. As a distributor you will be able to charge an installation fee or EkoStinger can help arrange installation for you for a fee.
Yes, for multiple installations EkoStinger will assist with the training process and be available for support. Soon there will be an installation manual and a video accessible on the website.
Yes, The Stinger and cross-member covers are made of Durable Fluted Poly Propylene. Poly Propylene is the same material used to cover brakes and shocks and is specifically designed not to be affected by cold temperatures. Additionally, the system is designed to eliminate snow buildup from sticking to the system since the cross-members are covered.
The system is designed as a frame and rail system. This allows each part to be replaced quickly. If trailer is involved in an accident the repairs are both quick and inexpensive. Each part is pre-cut and designed to reduce costs created by accidents and impacts.
Total weight is 295 pounds
Dry trailers and refrigerated trailers; any length.
The EkoStinger system was engineered to allow quick and easy access to the tandems. The mechanic simply needs take the four bolts out and the system will slide off.
The system is designed to prevent road spray from contacting the floor of the trailer. The EkoStinger system is made out of Durable Fluted Poly Propylene which allows the water to escape and it creates a vapor barrier so, condensation forms within the system not between the system and the floor of the trailer.
The life expectancy is 10 years. One year parts warranty against manufacturer defects.
Yes, The enhanced airflow created by EkoStinger, cools your trucks braking system.