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The Next Generation Stinger is here!

NextGen. Aerodynamics. Innovated.

How to take innovative aerodynamic engineering to the NEXT level?  You keep on innovating.

NextGen: the most innovative patent-protected aerodynamic trailer system on the market.

NextGen:  CARB Compliant and CARB GHG Phase 2 Pre-approved.

EkoStinger's advanced aero devices are embraced by fleet managers and drivers alike.

The Sliding Stinger actively slides with the tandems, delivering supreme confidence to fleet professionals that optimum fuel efficiency is achieved in all driving situations. 

On the open road all Stinger devices help to stabilize rigs while providing ease of access and maintenance.  It's a fact ... Drivers prefer Stingers.

Designed for the Long Haul


Stingers are incredibly durable. A single HDPE molded unit + re-engineered frame.  All bolted to the trailer underbelly securely.  Minimum failure points.  Practically zero maintenance.

A NextGen Stinger is ready to ride with Mother Nature.  Protecting air lines and suspension systems while deflecting dangerous crosswinds.  Ice, snow?  No problem.  Tight turns and steep loading docks?  No problem. 

We've got you covered.  Mile over mile.

Tested and Trusted by the Biggest Names in the Transportation Industry

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