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The New Standard in Trailer Aerodynamics

Aerodynamic devices proven to consistently maximize tractor trailer fuel efficiency by 6%. Expertly designed with our customer's needs in mind. The Stinger System is the best patent-protected aerodynamic trailer system on the market.

EkoStinger produces the most aerodynamically advanced trailer devices on the market today. 

The Stinger System for tractor trailer aerodynamics is highlighted by an innovative and patented undermount design that enables the system to actively slide with the tandems for consistent fuel savings. Regardless of the tandem position, our truck aerodynamic system provides the supreme confidence that you are achieving maximum fuel savings while traveling up and down the highways. 

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Designed for the long haul

While other aerodynamic tractor trailer products may present issues when trying to navigate steep loading docks or tight turns, our Stinger was designed specifically to eliminate these issues. Because the Stinger slides with the tandems and because of its unique shape, drivers can easily maneuver around tight turns and can easily back into steep loading docks without harming our Stinger. Further, because the Stinger tractor trailer aerodynamic device attaches to the tandems and is made out of polyethylene, it will help protect the trailer's air lines and suspension system.

Tested and Trusted by the Biggest Names in the Transportation Industry

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