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EkoStinger Customer Profile: Cooling Concepts Refrigerated Trailer Leasing

EkoStinger would like to proudly showcase one of its valued partners: Cooling Concepts Refrigerated Trailer Leasing.

Located in Belleville, IL, Cooling Concepts, LLC is the future of the refrigerated trailer leasing industry, offering innovative and hi-tech solutions to deliver a tangible competitive advantage to their fleet partners. The company is a proud affiliate of the EPA’s SmartWay® program, dedicated to helping businesses move refrigerated goods in the cleanest most efficient way possible.

From its inception 11 years ago, Cooling Concepts has been on a continuous mission to drive the industry standard towards leading-edge, cost-efficient solutions. It makes sense that EkoStinger’s innovative aerodynamic products are currently fitted on some of the Cooling Concept fleet and the company is expecting to include Stinger systems on 2021 trailer purchases.

Regarding the partnership with EkoStinger and a gradual shift from utility skirts to modern aerodynamic products, a significant consideration is trailer stability and associated maintenance.

“Wind stability is a real concern for trailers in severe weather conditions. We’re a full-service leasing company… we maintain everything. It’s extremely difficult to replace side skirts when there is an issue. The EkoStinger product holds up better – it’s very durable.”

- Tim Shasserre, President/CEO, Cooling Concepts 

The sleek design, proven operational toughness, and fuel efficiency benefits of the Stinger System make EkoStinger and Cooling Concepts a visionary partnership now and moving forward. 

Thanks for your dedication and continued support, Cooling Concepts!