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EkoStinger Customer Profile: Shaker Logistics

Showing our appreciation to a valued and long-standing partner: Shaker Logistics.

Moving freight can be a challenge, and the best logistics providers focus on delivering solutions with a customer-first mindset in order to build long-lasting partnerships.

Located in Saratoga County, NY, Shaker Logistics does just that. Shaker utilizes the latest in transport technology, innovative safety methods, and customer service to effectively deliver anything, anywhere.

Since 2016, Shaker Logistics has looked to EkoStinger to be their aero solution, equipping the innovative Stinger system on 40% of the Shaker fleet – with plans to include Stingers on the majority of new trailer purchases.

“Shaker’s goals for 2021? Growing. And we look forward to growing with EkoStinger. Whenever we get new trailers, we order EkoStinger.”

- Don Malott, Safety Director, Shaker Logistics

In the past, Shaker had to regularly replace conventional skirts due to wear and tear. Thanks to its incredible durability, the Stinger system delivers low overall maintenance costs over the life of the product. In fact, the Stinger protects the ABS sensors and ECU from road residue, salt, mud, and other debris. Since the Stinger prevents moisture buildup, the truck floors are dryer, the trailers are lighter, and the fuel savings are significant.

The aerodynamic design, operational toughness, and fuel efficiency advantages of the Stinger System have paved the way for a great partnership between EkoStinger and Shaker. A partnership that continues to innovate and elevate the entire transport sector.

Delivering solutions that work for you – keep up the great work, Shaker Logistics!