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Is Your Fleet Still Using the Typical Trailer Skirt?

Typical trailer skirts, or side skirts for trailers, are a well-known device for semi-trucks used to help reduce drag and therefore help with fuel savings and improved trailer stability. Trailer skirts have been widely used in the trucking industry for a number of years in response to an increase in fuel prices and environmental concerns.

The Problem with the Typical Trailer Skirt

The average trailer skirt is comprised of a pair of panels made of plastic, aluminum or fiberglass that are affixed to the bottom of the trailer. By nature of their design and location on the trailer, the average trailer skirt is at tremendous risk of damage due to wear and tear.

More importantly, the typical trailer skirt, if not properly secured or after significant wear and tear, can detach and become a danger to others on the road.

An Alternative to the Typical Trailer Skirt

While the basic benefits of trailer skirts are not being disputed, there are alternatives. The EkoStinger system differs from the typical trailer skirt in that it is a one-piece aerodynamically designed trailer system that securely slides onto the trailer without interfering with loading and unloading maneuverability.

The design of the EkoStinger allows for simple retro-fit installation and its polyethylene body and aluminum frame is durable and rust resistant. In addition, the shape and position of the EkoStinger protects air lines and the trailer suspension system. The EkoStinger attaches to the tandems which keeps it clear from steep loading docks.

If your fleet is still using the standard trailer skirt, it may be time to consider an alternative for increased fuel savings and increased safety benefits. Consider loading your rig with true innovation ... EkoStinger.