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Introducing the NextGen Pup Stinger
for Trailer Aerodynamics

an innovative alternative to trailer skirts

Advanced Design and Engineering = NextGen Innovation.

Accolades from the road ...

"The trailer stays in its lane better with the Pup Stinger installed... There is a real difference (reduction) in fuel consumption."

Matt Knopf,  3rd party Driver - NextGen road testing

Lightweight & Durable Trailer Aerodynamics System

Advanced HDPE molded Stinger … the Next Generation aero design



Custom color matching is available

Features & Benefits

  • Superior fuel efficiency
  • Streamlined, compact aero-design
  • Incredibly stable, durable and impact resistant
  • Protects rear suspension from road debris
  • Helps stabilize trailer in high cross winds
  • Handles steep docks and tight turns

EkoStinger - Trusted by the Biggest Names in the Transportation Industry

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Fleet managers and drivers are excited about the new Pup Stinger!

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US Sales - South
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US Sales - Midwest
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Barry Cartwright
Inside Sales
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Allan Boomer
VP Sales - Canada, Northern / Northwestern US
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