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EkoStinger designs and manufactures the best patent-protected aerodynamic tractor trailer system on the market.

The Active System slides with varying tandem positions while maximizing savings by providing the optimum alignment under varying driving conditions. EkoStinger aerodynamic trailer system does not interfere with loading and unloading maneuverability. Our Stinger System encompasses a one-piece polyethylene molded stinger and aero mist reducing mud flaps. Learn more about how our trailer aerodynamic products work and why our loyal customers buy from us below.

One-piece polyethylene molded Stinger aerodynamic device
Aero mist reducing mud flaps

Stinger System Facts & Benefits


EPA Smartway approved

CARB approved

GHG 2 Bin 3

Meets state and Federal fuel savings requirements

Fuel Savings

>6% fuel savings on average

ROI (payback) of only 4 months

One EkoStinger reduces carbon emissions equivalent to one SUV annually

Driver Safety

Increased trailer stability leads to less driver fatigue

Reduced road mist (benefits other drivers as well)


Easily navigate (un)loading docks

Not susceptible to damage like competing products

Polyethylene body and aluminum frame won’t rust

Shape and position of EkoStinger protects air lines and suspension system

Ease of adoption

One piece design and folding frame allow for easy and quick installation on-line at OEMs

Design allows for simple retro-fit installation

Eco Friendly

In normal operations, EkoStinger removes 4.9 metric tons of carbon each year. Check out our fuel savings calculator to see how much you could be saving.

Fuel Savings Calculator

Reduces Damage

To help drivers avoid potentially damaging road debris or obstructions, the Stinger's structure is mounted 16 inches above the ground on tracks that produce a smooth sliding motion. 

EkoStinger Markets

  • Trailer OEMs
  • Trailer Dealers
  • Trucking Companies
  • Leasing Companies
  • Owner Operators