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EkoStinger. The Solution to Conventional Aerodynamic Problems

In a recent FleetOwner article, the importance of trailer aerodynamics is showcased throughout, but various maintenance issues and structural damages to the trailer are noted, as well.

EkoStinger is the solution.

Ground clearance, fuel inefficiencies, trailer upkeep, and structural damages – these are all real issues that affect trailer aerodynamics. Through innovation, product design, and a focus on durability, EkoStinger has overcome those challenges. In fact, the Stinger System was engineered specifically to eliminate the problems with conventional aerodynamics solutions while delivering impressive fuel savings. 

The article suggests that trial and error is the best way to achieve solid levels of fuel efficiency and aerodynamic performance. We say EkoStinger is the solution. Our cutting-edge Stinger is third-party wind tunnel tested and driver approved.  When it comes to real-world application, the Stinger provides stability, fuel savings, and durability that far exceeds other aerodynamic products. 

Additionally, the article highlights the issues that come along with maintaining trailer aerodynamic products. According to Technology and Maintenance (TCM) Recommended Practice (RP) 1110 – Inspection and Maintenance Recommendations for Aerodynamic Devices – there are three reasons aerodynamic devices can increase maintenance requirements, all of which the Stinger System address. 

Some aerodynamic devices are easily damaged and require replacement – The Stinger, which was designed with this exact issue in mind, does not. Mounted 16 inches above the ground, the Stinger simultaneously provides trailer stability and avoids roadway damage in all types of hazardous conditions.

Devices can damage parts of the vehicle to which they are mounted – Our designers took this into consideration, too. The Sliding Stinger is a one-piece polyethylene design that sits on tracks underneath the trailer, producing a smooth sliding motion. Additionally, our most economical option - the Fixed Stinger, is designed to be lightweight, durable, and corrosive-resistant. 

Devices may obstruct access to items on the vehicle – With conventional trailer skirting, accessing the trailer undercarriage can be difficult. Not only does the shape and design of the Stinger protect ECU, tandems, suspension, air lines, and more, its folding frame is easily accessible if any maintenance is needed.

Maintenance can be difficult to perform, fuel savings could be minimal, and damages unavoidable. These are real concerns for fleets across the country -- EkoStinger is the solution. Avoid these costly and damaging problems and make the right choice. Choose a modern design. Choose innovation.